June 2013

Any and all wildlife, so that they can be shared with our other members and help to give a fuller record of what we have. You can send them by e-mail here. Photographs are very welcome.

Sat 29th June: This morning on Wilstone the Oystercatchers were still on the raft, a Hobby was hassling the Common Terns and this juvenile Grey Wagtail was reasonably co-operative by the old overflow. Tringford had three Little Egrets on it and Startop’s still had a decent flock of Sand Martins over it.
Juvenile Grey Wagtail by Roy Hargreaves

Fri 28th June: Wilstone: Michael Stallwood submitted these two excellent shots from a wet Wilstone this morning. 
Reed Warbler by Michael Stallwood
Greater Spotted Woodpecker by Michael Stallwood
Thu 27th June: Wilstone: Pair of Reed Warblers visible from the hide. (Richard Bennett)
Reed Warbler by Richard Bennett
Reed Warbler by Richard Bennett
 Mon 24th June: Wilstone: Common Sandpiper, 2 Grey Wagtails, Oystercatchers feeding on the raft and a Mink. (Richard Bennett)
Mink swimming at Wilstone by Richard Bennett

Sun 23rd June: Startopsend: The Oystercatchers at Wilstone are down to one chick. Two Hobbies, including one definite 1st summer were roosting in the poplars to the right of the hide. (Roy Hargreaves)
Sun 23rd June: Wilstone: Two male Red-crested Pochards were on Startops but nothing else noteworthy to report. (Roy Hargreaves)
Fri 21st June: Startopsend: Good numbers of Sand Martin this morning including many young. 2 Redshank. (Peter Brazier)
Fri 21st June: Wilstone: Witnessed a parent feeding 2 young Mistle Thrush on the bank by the steps. The Juveniles have quite distinctive markings. (Peter Brazier)
Thu 20th June: Wilstone: 2 Black-necked Grebe this evening (Steve Rodwell/Warren Cladon via Roy Hargreaves)
Thu 20th June: Wilstone: This morning I could hear a Curlew when I rounded the Cemetery Corner, but couldn't see it. After passing the jetty I got a call from David Bilcock to say he could see a Curlew flying in my direction and it duly called and flew round before heading off in the Puttenham direction. David saw one twice in the evenings heading off towards Puttenham so maybe they are breeding out there again. Then I spotted two white waders flying low over the north corner toward the reservoir and sure enough two Avocets flew in, circled round, and then disappeared behind the jetty. David and I approached the jetty cautiously and stood watching them on the rocks between the jetty and Cemetery Corner for several minutes before they took off and circled gaining height. We eventually stopped watching them when they were very high up and they were clearly looking for a way over the Chilterns. Apart from the Curlew and Avocets the Oystercatchers still have two chicks on the tern rafts, which are living up to their name. Also I watched four Little Egrets fly out towards Tringford – although I couldn't see them in the bushes until they took flight. Also male Cuckoo calling. (Roy Hargreaves)
Wed 19th June: Wilstone: I visited Wilstone today and headed for the hide. I glanced out of the glass window on the left to see a lot of commotion. I quickly opened the window and saw the Coots nest being raided. Poor Mrs Coot looked very dejected once the visitor left.
Mink raiding a Coot nest by Phill Luckhurst
Raided Coot Nest by Phill Luckhurst
 A little later a Heron flew to the island carrying a Coot chick from another nest. Didn't manage to get a shot of it with chick but here it is on the return leg. Poor Coots are really having a hard time of it. (Phill Luckhurst)
Heron at Wilstone by Phill Luckhurst

Mon 17th June: Wilstone: 2 Hobby, Oystercatcher. (Richard Ness HBC)
Mon 17th June: Startopsend: 2 Redshank (Richard Ness HBC)
Mon 17th June: Wilstone: At least one Oystercatcher chick is still on the tern raft just visible in the heavily cropped picture below. Also Garden Warbler seen along the path to the hide. Over 30 Mute Swans were present today. (Peter Brazier)
Oystercatcher and chick at Wilstone by Peter Brazier.

Thu 13th June: Wilstone: First juvenile Chiffchaff, Reed Bunting, Blue tit and Blackcap of the year today as well as a juvenile female Nuthatch. First Lesser Whitethroat of the year too. Male Cuckoo and less Hobbies present also. Poplar Hawkmoth found as well. (Johne Taylor)
1st Summer Hobby at Wilstone 14th June by Mike Nott

1st Summer Hobby at Wilstone 14th June by Mike Nott
Thu 13th June: Lee Evans has conducted an inventory of the reservoirs recording 55 species today. Click for his blog post. HERE
Thu 13th June: StartopsendThis morning three Redshank were on the shoreline at Startops Res with five Red-crested Pochards also scattered about – three males and two females. (Roy Hargreaves) 
Thu 13th JuneWilstoneAt Wilstone Res the two Oystercatchers still have two chicks on the tern raft and, along with the Common Terns, were keeping the seven Lesser Black-backed Gulls successfully at bay. It would appear that my optimism over the Little Egrets was misplaced as I couldn't see one in the spot I've been seeing one all this week. A first-summer Hobby was roosting in the poplars to the right of the hide. I also saw this interesting Jackdaw round the back by the gate this morning and the pale patterning looks reminiscent of Magpie which makes me wonder about its parentage. (Roy Hargreaves)
Interestingly Coloured Jackdaw by Roy Hargreaves
Tue 11th June: Tringford: Redshank and Mistle Thrush. (Richard Bennet) 2 Little Egret, Kingfisher (G Hinton HBC)
Tue 11th June: Startopsend: 2 Little Egret(Richard Bennet) 
Tue 11th JuneWilstone: 17:45 Bar-headed Goose (Andy Wood)
Tue 11th JuneWilstoneThis morning the two Black Terns were still present and two Little Egrets were in the same spot in the bushes  that they've occupied for the past few days. Definitely more Common Terns on the rafts than there had been so they may be successful this year with a bit of luck. (Roy Hargreaves)
Mon 10th JuneTringford was interesting this afternoon with at least 7 Coot nests dotted over the water and 2 GC Grebe nests. There were 2 male Shoveler swimming around at the back and possibly a female. Herons in the trees, a Little Egret playing around with twigs, juvenile Kingfisher sitting looking like it was waiting to be fed (sadly not while I was there) and a Grey Wagtail carrying food into a nest site. (Lynne Lambert)
Mon 10th June: Startopsend: Yellow Wagtail gathering food. (Lynne Lambert)
Mon 10th June: Marsworth: I watched for 15 minutes from the causeway and saw 2 Blue Tits, 1 Great Tit and 2 Reed Buntings foraging in the reeds before I finally heard a Reed Warbler start singing. (Lynne Lambert)
Mon 10th JuneWilstone: Two Black Terns and at least 3 Hobby still at Wilstone early this afternoon (Lucy Flower)
Mon 10th JuneWilstoneI suspect that the two Black Terns that are still present at Wilstone this morning are failed breeders returning south at a leisurely pace rather than late spring migrants. Also there was a Common Sandpiper this morning on the fallen trees in the west corner. A Little Egret was also in the same bushes as yesterday and I saw two Oystercatcher chicks on the tern raft, Which Mike Wallen mentioned yesterday. I'm not optimistic for their future but we live in hope. Again two male Cuckoos singing at each other this morning. (Roy Hargreaves)
Sun 9th JuneWilstone: 21 Hobby, a record for the reservoir. (Steve Rodwell via Lee Evans)
Sun 9th JuneWilstone: 2 Oystercatcher. (Roger Payne) Oystercatcher 2 Adult and 2 chicks (Mike & Ted Wallen HBC)
Sun 9th JuneWilstone: 600+ Swift. (Mike & Ted Wallen HBC)
Sun 9th JuneWilstone2 Black Terns hanging around the tern rafts. Also I saw one of the two Little Egrets carrying a twig into the first bushes best viewed from the new overflow area. There also seemed to be more Common Tern activity round the rafts today. The male Wigeon was also back on Wilstone this morning. (Roy Hargreaves & David Bilcock)
Sun 9th June: Tringford: Little Egret. (Roy Hargreaves)
Sun 9th JuneStartops: 3m 2f Red-crested Pochard and a Redshank. (Roy Hargreaves) 2 Yellow Wagtail on the south bank. (Jeff Bailey HBC)
Sun 9th June: Marsworth: Cetti's singing in the reed bed. (Roy Hargreaves)
Sat 8th June: Tringford: c70 Swift, Little Egret (Lucy Flower)
Sat 8th June: Startopsend: 4 Red-crested Pochard, Wigeon. (Lucy Flower)
Fri 7th June: Wilstone: 10 Hobby hunting dragonfly over the reservoir. (Lee Evans)
Fri 7th JuneWith little going on around the reservoirs, I thought it worth sharing this stunning picture sent to us today by Phill Luckhurst of the Little Grebe on the Wendover Canal. You can see Phill's photos HERE and most are taken around the Tring Reservoirs. 
Little Grebe on the Wendover Canal by Phill Luckhurst
Thu 6th JuneWilstoneIt was definitely cold this morning and I would guess that this House Martin decided to rest until the insects warmed up. The Oystercatcher are also still on a tern raft with one making regular forays to the field on the other side of the road from the car park. Also a few pairs of Common Terns seem to be using the rafts so maybe they will breed. (Roy Hargreaves)

House Martin at Wilstone by Roy Hargreaves

Mon 3rd June: Startopsend: Yellow Wagtail (G Hinton HBC)
Mon 3rd JuneWilstone: 4 Hobby over reedbed, Red-crested Pochard (P Barritt HBC)
Mon 3rd JuneTringford: 2 Kingfisher (G. Hinton HBC)
Mon 3rd JuneWilstone: Possible Marsh Warbler, heard in hedge by Cemetery Corner (Roy Hargreaves).
Sun 2nd JuneMarsworth, Kingfisher. (Mike Wallen/Ted Wallen HBC), 
Sun 2nd JuneStartopsend, 3 Red-crested Pochard, pair plus single male. (Mike Wallen/ Ted Wallen HBC). 
Sun 2nd JuneWilstone, 6 Hobby, hawking over reedbed, 200 Swift, Oystercatcher, landed on raft. (Mike Wallen/Ted Wallen HBC)
Sat 1st June Marsworth: Cetti's Warbler (Roy Hargreaves) Grasshopper Warbler (Steve Rodwell) 
Grey Heron at Wilstone by Roy Hargreaves

Juvenile Pied Wagtail at Wilstone by Roy Hargreaves
Sat 1st June WilstoneThis morning I heard two males and one or more female Cuckoos at Wilstone – the males had a noticeably different pitches to their songs and were singing at each other from different parts of the reservoir at the same time. It was nice to get this Juv Pied Wagtail at Wilstone this morning in the brilliant sunshine and the Grey Herons were also co-operating and flying past reasonably close to me. The Oystercatchers were also still about and 100s of Swifts whizzing about in a close fashion. (Roy Hargreaves)

For other bird sightings in the area please visit Herts Bird Club. for whom we thank for many of the sightings listed here.
Please visit Lee Evans' website Birding Tring Reservoirs which looks at the reservoirs and other local sites, including the surrounding hills. 

For information about other wildlife see Hertfordshire Natural History Society.

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