October 2013


Any and all wildlife. You can send them by e-mail here. Photographs are very welcome.

LATEST NEWS - BBC Countryfile, see 21st October entry below.
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 Thursday 31st October 2013
This morning I did all of the reservoirs. Marsworth had a singing Cetti’s and Tringford had ten Red-crested Pochards (5 males). No sign of any Swallows but I was early so maybe they were still perched up somewhere. Wilstone had the Ring-necked Duck asleep and the Water Pipit active by the jetty. Also the Little Stint was on the spit as was an adult Yellow-legged Gull – digiscoping worked on this bird for some reason. Two Ruff and two Black-tailed Godwits were about and I counted 27 Pintail with most on the lagoon to the right of the hide. (Roy Hargreaves).
Yellow-legged Gull by Roy Hargreaves

 Wednesday 30th October 2013
Startopsend: Swallow, Grey Wagtail (Lucy Flower)

This morning was calm, sunny and crisp and it was lovely to be out first thing. The highlights were undoubtedly the juvenile Ring-necked Duck in the usual area close to the mud between the hide and the new overflow and the Water Pipit in the jetty area. I was experimenting with digiscoping this morning and so was able to take these photos of a Pintail and a Golden Plover. Also present were two Ruff and I could only see one Black-tailed Godwit, numerous Pintail and five Red-crested Pochard. On my way home at Miswell Farm I saw a Little Owl being mobbed by various small birds. (Roy Hargreaves)
Digiscoped Golden Plover by Roy Hargreaves
Digiscoped Northern Pintail by Roy Hargreaves

Little Stint and Ring-necked Duck still present at Wilstone today. (Peter Brazier)
30th Oct: Wilstone in glorious sunshine!

 Tuesday 29th October 2013
Adult Swallow with a broken tail streamer still at Startops. (Adam Bassett)
Wilstone: 29th Oct: Pied Wagtail by Michael Stallwood

Wilstone: 29th Oct: Shoveller by Michael Stallwood

Despite a drop in temperature today the sun brought out several butterflies: Red Admirals, Comma and Peacock all basking in the warmth and feeding on rotting Apples. (Charlie Jackson)

From the FoTR hide this afternoon I had nice close views of 3 Teal, Tufted Duck, Heron and a Kingfisher perched in the willows to the left of the hide. Also 10 Redwings landed in the tops of the poplars. (Lynne Lambert)

Wilstone:  The juv Ring-necked Duck still, as well as the Little Stint from yesterday, and 3 Black-tailed Godwit, c50 Golden Plover and a Chiffchaff by the hide. (Mike + Ted Wallen)

Adding to that, two Ruff, Water Pipit by the jetty and adult Yellow-legged Gull on the spit in front of the jetty. (Roy Hargreaves)

 Monday 28th October 2013
Wilstone: Juv Little Stint on the mud out to the left from the hide, or from the New Overflow, found at about 1545. Ring-necked Duck still until 1600 at least. (Ted and Mike Wallen)

I've just had a text from Mike Collard to say that there is a Curlew on the spit at Wilstone. (Roy Hargreaves)

Wilstone: Ring-necked Duck, Merlin, Curlew, Yellow Legged Gull (Mike Collard, Mike Campbell)

 Sunday 27th October 2013
I have just had a good look at Charlie's great shot of the Water Pipit and I'm pretty sure it's one of the birds we had here last year. It's the bird with the small nick in its eye-ring on its left side. I've blown up a crop of Charlie's shot (attached), with annotation, and also attached is a couple of crops I took last year of the bird's eye-ring for comparison. (Lucy Flower)
26th Oct: Wilstone, Water Pipit by Charles Jackson
2012 Wilstone's Water Pipit by Lucy Flower

In addition to the birds recorded by Roy on Wilstone a redhead Goosander was present at about 9am first seen whilst watching the Ring-necked Duck, eventually moving off towards the jetty and the Goldeneye from yesterday was off the car park (Ian Williams)

The juv Ring-necked Duck was still about and closer to the hide than yesterday when I saw it. Several of us were in the hide when the waders all spooked and a Peregrine flew through. Also one or two Ruff were about as we five Black-tailed Godwits and the Water Pipit was round by the jetty. Three Red-crested Pochard were also still on Wilstone and a further six (three pairs), were on Tringford. A brief scan of Startops resulted in no Swallows and judging from the way that the water was overflowing the sluice from Marsworth the water level on Startops will be on the increase soon. (Roy Hargreaves)

I did a lap of Startops at 1pm and saw the Swallow very active over the water and the fields by Startops Farm. (Peter Brazier)

 Saturday 26th October 2013
Attached are my best efforts (cropped) of today's Ring-necked Duck found by Dave just after 9 this morning. Supporting cast were an eclipse drake Goldeneye, 4 Snipe, 2 Ruff, at least 4 Black-tailed Godwit, 243 Golden Plover and a male Peregrine which performed well near the hide at about 12.45. Just prior to the Peregrine the colour-ringed Green Sandpiper had appeared in the stream. As far as I can see on my photos (it did not come close) the ring appears to be orange-red over either a dirty white or metal ring. (Ian Williams)
Ring-necked Duck by Ian Williams

Ring-necked Duck by Ian Williams

Ring-necked Duck by Ian Williams

Last night on Marsworth approximately 600- 750 Starling roosted in 3 main flocks with a pre-roost on wires on the Bucks side of the canal. Also about 30 Pied Wagtail and a couple of Corn Buntings roosted. (Ian Williams)

After seeing the juvenile Ring-necked Duck on Wilstone, Roy and I scanned the birds from the jetty. Still numerous Pintail (at least 20 birds just in that area); a couple of Black-tailed Godwits and a Yellow-legged Gull. There was also a colour-ringed Lesser black-backed Gull: red ring, left leg, reading C10 (Roy just managed to get the number before the gull sat down again). I did a brief circuit of Startop's about midday. Duck numbers were about 40% reduced from yesterday, no doubt due to much more disturbance today. No sign of the juvenile Mandarin (but that could well have relocated to Tringford, which I didn't check). A single Meadow Pipit and the usual Common Gull in amongst the Black-headed Gull flock. A shot of the Mandarin from yesterday, attached. (Lucy Flower)
Startops' Mandarin by Lucy Flower
Turned up at Wilstone today for a brief stint before heading to Brogborough Lake. I met Peter Brazier on the bank who informed me about the Ring-necked Duck. I arrived at the hide and quickly located it. Also a nearby Godwit and Green Sandpiper. A large group of Golden Plover were enjoying the sunshine when everything took off in a panic. Above them was a Peregrine which was rapidly mobbed by the Gulls and Lapwings and it flew right over the hide. Unfortunately I only managed to get a few distant shots ad many heads and scopes were in the way as it flew close. Everyone in the hide was buzzing after that. I had to rush off and by the time I got to the car park bank the Duck was asleep on the bund. (Phill Luckhurst)
Peregrine by Phill Luckhurst

"Panic" by Phil Luckhurst

Wilstone: Message from David Bilcock, a juvenile Ring-necked Duck off of the new overflow.
Don't bother to go on the hills !!!!!!!!!!! (Mike Wallen)

 Friday 25th October 2013
Startop's this afternoon: 2 Grey Wagtail, Kingfisher, Juv Mandarin, Meadow Pipit, 1 remaining Swallow and a Red Kite. (Lucy Flower)

 Thursday 24th October 2013
I was busy this afternoon so only just got to sort through photos/emails this evening. As Francis mentions, together with Peter, we had really nice scope views of the Water Pipit this morning, along the NE shoreline. On our way back to the cars, we attempted a few photos. The Pipit was rather distant for anything decent but I've attached a composite of shots which I hope show the main features of this bird. (Lucy Flower)
Water Pipit by Lucy Flower

Obviously the weather was quite different this morning from the rest of the week and birds were taking advantage of the pleasant weather to migrate. I had Skylarks flying over in small parties and also a presumed Lesser Redpoll and Brambling. The Water Pipit was about, again by the jetty, and one Ruff and four Black-tailed Godwits. At one stage all the waders flew up but it was only a Peregrine and not a Gannet causing the panic. Although I did see Gannet at the reservoirs nine years before I saw Peregrine – my how things have changed. (Roy Hargreaves)

Startops: 2 Swallows. Lucy Flower arrived soon after and all we saw were Meadow Pipits so we went to Wilstone where we found Peter Brazier photographing a Rock Pipit at the Jetty, Lucy then located close by the Water Pipit which I'm sure she'll have good pics. I took some but have yet to process. (Francis Buckle).

 Wednesday 23rd October 2013
Startops: Briefly saw Water Pipit (well I hope that's what it is) along the main road bank before it disappeared from view. It was a bit distant so the photos aren't brilliant. There was also a Meadow Pipit in the same area so have included shot of that along with one of the Rock Pipits taken at the weekend for comparison (David Hutchinson)
23rd Oct: Water Pipit by David Hutchinson

23rd Oct: Meadow Pipit by David Hutchinson

20th Oct: Rock Pipit by David Hutchinson

Still two juv Swallows at Startops this afternoon. Anyone know latest sightings for Swallows around here? (David Hutchinson)
23rd Oct: Juvenile Barn Swallow by David Hutchinson

Juv Mandarin at Startops this afternoon.(David Hutchinson)
23rd Oct: Juvenile Mandarin by David Hutchinson

This morning it was dryer than I’d expected which was a bonus. I only covered Wilstone this morning as time ran out.  Richard Bennett and I walked to the hide together where a quick scan revealed some of the usual suspects, i.e. a Ruff, 5 Black-tailed Godwits and Pintail scattered about. Also five Red-crested Pochard. The first surprise was a juvenile Garganey close in to the right hand side of the hide which was feeding on the mud with Teal before flying off to the back of the lagoon. From the hide one Ruff, five Black-tailed Godwits, five Red-crested Pochards, numerous Pintail and a Chinese Water Deer were seen. Walking back from the hide about 80 Golden Plover were flying round.

Round by the jetty I disturbed a medium-sized Pipit from the bay there and tracked it to the north corner where I could see it well enough to suspect Water Pipit. It then flew past me toward the jetty and going back there I got good views of the Water Pipit. So if Scandinavian Rock Pipits are about the fun and games will truly commence! (Roy Hargreaves)

 Tuesday 22nd October 2013
Thanks to Bill George for clearing in front and around the Plover Hide this morning in the rain.
Over the Lagoon From the Plover Hide (members only)

 Monday 21st October 2013
I have attached a photo of the Countryfile team filming at Wilstone on Thursday. They have filmed quite a bit around the reservoirs and talked to Paul Thrush (HMWT) about the reserve and to me & Johne about ringing. The programme is due to go out on Sunday 3rd Nov. (Lynne Lambert - Tring Ringing Group)
Ellie Harrison of Countryfile watched by our own Johne Taylor
 Sunday 20th October 2013
At Wilstone this morning there was a good show of around 200 Golden Plovers as well as Ruff, Black-tailed Godwits and a Green Sandpiper which looks like it has been ringed (see image). Unfortunately too far away to get a decent shot. There were also two Rock Pipits, one of which hung around for a while. Well, I'm assuming it is a Rock but I had this idea that they had black legs which this one doesn't? (David Hutchinson).
20th Oct: Green Sandpiper by Dave Hutchinson

20th Oct: Rock Pipit by Dave Hutchinson

 Saturday 19th October 2013
BBC Countryfile. News of Thursday’s filming. In the morning the crew were at the Pump house and in the afternoon they filmed the Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust team at work in the reedbed and also Tring Ringing Group doing some ringing. How much they will use remains to be seen on the 3rd of November.  (Johne Taylor)

Helping Steve Rodwell with the interminable WEBS count at Wilstone today included:
1 Yellow-legged Gull
47 Lesser Black-backed Gulls inc 2 intermedius
120 plus Golden Plover
27 Pintail
2 Rock Pipits
1 Kingfisher
2 Ruff
5 Black-tailed Godwits
1 Green Sandpiper
1 Little Egret
3 Little Grebe
450 plus Lapwing
1 lone House Martin battling Southwards
....couldn't find any Garganey

 Friday 18th October 2013
This morning the forecast fog was nothing like as bad as I expected. Marsworth had a singing Cetti’s Warbler as usual but little else of note on the smaller reservoirs. At Wilstone I bumped into Richard Bennett and we saw two Rock Pipits that ended up near the car park steps when we left them. From the hide two Ruff and three Black-tailed Godwits were visible and about 10 Pintail and also five Red-crested Pochard were by the exposed mud between the hide and the overflow. Also ten Pintail from the jetty area and a good number of Lesser Black-backed Gulls but fewer than yesterday – some of the male Pintails are returning to their normal plumage. (Roy Hargreaves)

Wilstone from the hide: 1 Dunlin, 2 Ruff, 5 Black-tailed Godwits, Large no's of Lapwing, 4 Red-crested Pochard (Francis Buckle)

The only other birds to add to Francis and Roy's accounts for today is a Green Sandpiper, which was in front of the hide this afternoon, to the right, with the Dunlin and 2 Ruff. I counted the Golden Plover on the mud flats and got to 105. There were also 4 Common Snipe out in the open this afternoon, viewed from the jetty. (Lucy Flower)
Rock Pipit by Roy Hargreaves

 Thursday 17th October 2013
BBC's Countryfile were filming today around the reservoirs and at the pumping station. It was good weather for it. We are not sure when the program will go out but we will keep you informed here.

Wilstone: This morning was bright and sunny so I headed to the hide at Wilstone in an effort to beat the sunrise. As normally happens in these circumstances something distracted me, a Rock Pipit, that was on the bank by the overflow. From the hide the five Black-tailed Godwits  and two Ruff were still about but no sign of any Dunlin. 17 Golden Plover flew in while I was there and Pintail were still scattered all over in ones and twos. Walking round to the jetty the Rock Pipit was now in that area and as I got there I got a text from Mike Campbell about a Stonechat on the fence line from the east corner to the Cemetery and so I headed round to see it. Sure enough it was there and performing well in the bright conditions so it was a surprise to see it fly off towards the Dry Canal at 8:40 for no reason I could determine. On my way back to the car park I counted the Lesser Black-backed Gulls on the spit in front of the jetty and they totalled 118 which is an unusually high number on the reservoir itself. (Roy Hargreaves)
European Stonechat by Roy Hargreaves

 Wednesday 16th October 2013
Wilstone: Spectacular sunrise [red sky in morning etc...] followed by dull and overcast. Pheasants all around plus a large group of Partridge that spooked as I tried for better view. Cormorants fishing in large groups being hounded by Gulls. All recent residents seemed present good views of Kingfisher, Blackcaps and pair of Jays. (Richard Bennett)
Wilstone's confiding Heron by Lucy Flower
Despite the changing weather I had a very enjoyable day. I parked up on Little Tring Road by the canal bridge for a walk through Tringford. I reached the hide to see a little grebe and a lovely duck. I watched them for a while and headed over to Marsworth. I had put my camera in my bag due to a spot of rain but wished I hadn't as I saw hiding in the reeds what I am almost certain was a Jack Snipe. By the time I had my camera out it had sunk deeper into the reeds. I stayed around for a while but it didn't re-appear. So I decided to head round the res and up the Wendover arm snapping insects as I went. There was a young moorhen on a fallen tree branch which I sat and watched for a while. By the time I got to the Wilstone hide the sky was getting very brooding but full of colour. To the right of the hide were a couple of deer chasing each other around. A Buzzard was overhead being chased by the various corvids and a couple of Golden Plover were hunkered down on the spit in front. As I got back to the car it was becoming dark. With the bats appearing and the starlings still singing it reminded me of evenings here cycling home as a kid. (Phill Luckhurst)
 Chinese Water Deer by Phill Luckhurst

Little Grebe by Phill Luckhurst

Gadwall by Phill Luckhurst

 Tuesday 15th October 2013
Wilstone: This morning was a bit foggy but visibility was still more than 1km. There was little change today compared with what was around yesterday. Dunlin numbers had increased to four and Ruff seemed to have decreased to two. There was either five or six Black-tailed Godwits and the Pintail were widely scattered around the reservoir. It was too dull to see if the Garganey was still about but with the large number of Teal about it wouldn't be impossible. Redwing were flying over in small groups as were Skylarks and Meadow Pipits. (Roy Hargreaves)
Rock Pipit on Startops by Richard Bennett

 Monday 14th October 2013
A quick visit to Wilstone this afternoon between the showers I noted, 5 black-tailed Godwits, 2 Snipe, 31 Golden Plover, 3 Dunlin, 1 Ruff. (Dave Hutchinson)

 Sunday 13th October 2013
Wilstone: 13 Golden Plover, Red-crested Pochard, 5 Black-tailed Godwit, 2 Ruff  (David Lyons HBC)
Wilstone: Juveline Gannet flew from Wilstone towards Tring (Dave Bilcock via Rob Andrews)

 Saturday 12th October 2013
Startopsend: Drake Common Scoter.  (Peter Brazier)
12th Oct: Common Scoter by Peter Brazier

12th Oct: Common Scoter by Peter Brazier

Wilstone: 3 Red-crested Pochard, 1 male, 2 Rock Pipit, between jetty and cemetery corner, 2 Ruff, 2 Dunlin (Clifford Smout HBC)

 Friday 11th October 2013
I started at Startop's and Marsworth. Nothing new in that I could see although there was a small group of 7+ Meadow Pipits around, one bird taking time to feed at the water's edge near the layby steps.

Over on Wilstone, I bumped into Peter Lee by the carpark steps. He had 2 Pipits in the north corner, one of which he'd seen pretty well and let me know was a Rock Pipit. Both birds were very flighty and didn't hang around long enough for me to see properly. The pair flew, calling, over to the centre of the reservoir, before almost doubling back and landing on the shores under the jetty. As I arrived at the jetty, I could see the two Pipits, both with dark-brown upperparts and similarly sized. I got a good look at one bird, which was definitely a Rock Pipit and, presumably, the second bird was as well (too early for Water Pipit). Again, they didn't hang around and flew off together in a NW direction, away from the reservoir (but could well have returned later). From the jetty, apart from the numerous ducks etc, and a steady stream of Meadow Pipits overhead, I could see 3 Black-tailed Godwits and 3 Common Snipe. I scanned the mud-flats in the west corner at some speed as the drizzle was getting heavier. It held a 4th Black-tailed Godwit, a Dunlin (although someone else said they had seen two) and one Ruff. (Lucy Flower)

Attached, a composite of record shots of one of the Rock Pipits today. I'm fairly certain the other bird was a second Rock Pipit.
Rock Pipit by Lucy Flower
 Thursday 10th October 2013
Wilstone this morning, 4 Red Crested Pochard (2 males and 2 females) a few Pintail, lots of Lapwing. snipe, and flocks of Redwing passing over. We saw 3 or 4 flocks of about 30 birds. Couldn't locate the Black-tailed Godwits or Ruff that were present yesterday. (Lynne Lambert)

 Wednesday 9th October 2013
With no sign of the Great White Egret at Wilstone, decided to walk around Startops and Tringford. Pretty quiet, but pleased to see the Great Crested Grebe's four chicks still alive and well (see pictures). The parents were feeding them and after each dive were being mobbed by black headed gulls for the food they intended to feed them. Also one Little Grebe 25m off the beach at the road end. Tringford was quiet (but with amazingly clear water) with two Little Grebes showing well from the hide. They were diving and catching small (stickleback?) fish. Cormorants drying their wings also seen. (Mike Nott)
Black-headed Gulls fighting by Mike Nott

Great-crested Grebe still feeding young by Mike Nott

Little Grebe with fish by Mike Nott

 Tuesday 8th October 2013
Wilstone: I found a Great White Egret being chased around by a Grey Heron at about 7.30.  It later settled down along the back edges feeding in the original lagoon which is right of the hide.  It later walked out of sight on the bund.  By mid-morning it was found by others roosting in trees on the bund but difficult to see.

Also present were 2 Ruff, 5 Black-tailed Godwits and about 200 Lapwing. (Mike Campbell)
Wilstone's Great White Egret by Mike Campbell

 Monday 7th October 2013
WilstoneGolden Plover, 24 in front of the hide. 2 Ruff, to the left of the hide. Black-tailed GodwitCommon Snipe, no sign of any winter Thrushes on the ground yet despite a complete lap of the reservoir (Peter Brazier)

Wilstone: This morning a quick visit to the hide produced 28 Golden Plover and 2 Ruff amongst the many Lapwing, BH Gulls & Duck. Didn't see anything else of note. (Francis Buckle)

 Sunday 6th October 2013
Wilstone: Ringed Plover, mud-flats, west corner, 2 Ruff, mud-flats, west corner, 2 Golden Plover, from jetty, on right side of spit opposite, 5+ Pintail, 5 Black-tailed Godwit, from jetty, on left side of spit opposite (group of 2 and group of 3), 4 Common Snipe, from jetty (L. Flower)

 Saturday 5th October 2013

Bat Walk. Over 30 people (and 3 dogs) met in the Wilstone car park and were given an introduction by Susan Makepeice of the North Bucks Bat Group. Bat listening devices were handed out to those who did not have them. We walked around to the old overflow and from there into the meadow behind the Drayton Bank. Many bats were heard, mostly Common Pipistrelle and Soprano Pipistrelle but none were seen. We then walked back to the reservoir along the North West bank where we were able to hear and observe both types of Pipistrelle, Noctule Bat and Daubenton's Bat. For a complete novice like myself this made the evening worthwhile.

Many thanks to Susan and her colleagues from the North Bucks Bat Group.
Bat walkers waiting for dusk.
WilstoneRuff, Drayton Bank, Common SandpiperRinged Plover, juvenile (Clifford Smout HBC)

This morning a Garganey was again off to the right of the hide by the mouth of the stream. The Ringed Plover and two Dunlin were on the mud between the hide and overflow still. The Ruff and two Black-tailed Godwits were by the spit pointing towards the jetty and three more Black-tailed Godwits were on the mud by the reeds. 20 Pintail were scattered about Wilstone and a Hobby was still about. Again Cetti’s Warblers were singing at both Marsworth Wilstone. There is also quite a sizeable roost of Pied Wagtails in the reeds at Marsworth – I haven’t done a count yet. (Roy Hargreaves)
In addition to Roy's morning sightings, by mid afternoon, there were 2 Ruff around, a Common Sandpiper to the right of the hide and a Water Rail on the far bank, looking east from the hide (on the strip of land that separates the south and east corners of Wilstone). A couple of Snipe were also feeding in the open, viewed from the jetty. (Lucy Flower)

  Friday 4th October 2013
I was fortunate to be able to spend a few hours up at the reservoirs today. I started at Startop's this morning, hoping for a Rock Pipit around the fringes but the best I could do was a bathing Linnet. There were 6 Teal and 2 pairs of Shoveler in the south corner and a Little Grebe bobbing around. There were also a couple of Common Gulls in amongst the Black-headed flock.

I got over to Wilstone late morning. As I was making my way from the north corner towards the jetty, I heard a Pipit calling and immediately thought Rock Pipit. It landed some way along the concrete shoreline, between me and the jetty. At this stage, it was facing towards me and I could only see the breast markings. Unfortunately, a Pied Wagtail then disturbed it and it took flight towards the jetty, where it landed briefly before flying off towards the hide.

From the jetty, I could see 3 roosting Black-tailed Godwits, a couple of Common Snipe and 3+ Pintail.

On my walk back towards the north corner, I heard the Pipit calling again and it landed some way in front of me. I got a couple of decent views, again of its breast, but it wasn't until I got to the car park steps that I was able to see its back and quickly get some photographs (composite attached), before it started to chuck it down with rain and I legged it to the car.

Unfortunately, after the rain, I couldn't relocate the bird on Wilstone or Startop's but it could well have taken cover around Wilstone somewhere, and still be about. The Ringed Plover remained on the mud flats. (Lucy Flower)
4th Oct: Rock Pipit by Lucy Flower
This morning the Ringed Plover, Ruff and two Dunlin were between the hide and the overflow. I also watched four Black-tailed Godwits fly round and 10 Little Egrets in front of the hide. I gave counting the Pintail a miss today but did check back and saw 21 a couple of years ago so 26 is my best count to date. I also managed to hear singing Cetti’s at Marsworth and Wilstone this morning. (Roy Hargreaves)

 Thursday 3rd October 2013
At Wilstone a Garganey was asleep in front of the hide off to the right. Also off to the right there was a Ruff by the rightmost tern raft. Apart from that two Black-tailed Godwits were about and two Dunlin and a Ringed Plover were still about. My personal highlight was seeing twenty-six Pintail in groups around Wilstone – easily the highest number I can recall seeing there. The smaller reservoirs had nothing unusual although I could see several Crayfish in the corner of Tringford by the footpath entrance off the road – I assume that they were Signal Crayfish but I'm not an expert. Also Cetti’s singing on Marsworth. (Roy Hargreaves)
3rd Oct: Pintail in flight by Mike Nott

3rd Oct: Pintail in flight by Mike Nott

 Wednesday 2nd October 2013
Wilstone: 4+ Black-tailed Godwit, 5 Common Snipe, Ringed Plover, Hobby, 2 Dunlin, Ruff (Martin Johnson HBC)

 Tuesday 1st October 2013
A nice selection of birds this morning on Wilstone. 3 Black-tailed Godwits, 1 Water Rail and a Common Snipe feeding in the open in the eastern corner. Over on the growing mud flats, there was 1 Ringed Plover, 2 Dunlin and a Kingfisher flew past the hide, calling. (Lucy Flower)

Early this morning a Garganey was again in front of the hide as were eleven Little Egrets. On my walk round Wilstone I counted 5 Black-tailed Godwits, with one or two along the bank in the middle, also up to 19 Pintail were scattered about the reservoir in addition to the birds that Lucy mentions in her report.(Roy Hargreaves)

Wilstone this afternoon was very windy but dry. Watched a number of small groups of Pintail feeding actively and on the shore from the jetty and from the overflow. 5 Black-tailed Godwits on the mud to the left of the jetty also 4 Snipe. From the overflow there were 2 Dunlin with a Ringed Plover and many Lapwing and as we watched them the 5 Black-tailed Godwits
flew in to join them. A constant number of Lapwings were flying in to join the flock. (Francis Buckle)
For other bird sightings in the area please visit Herts Bird Club. for whom we thank for many of the sightings listed here.
Please visit Lee Evans' website Birding Tring Reservoirs which looks at the reservoirs and other local sites, including the surrounding hills. 

For information about other wildlife visit The Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust and see Hertfordshire Natural History Society.

(Abbreviations: HBC Herts Bird Club, BBC Bucks Bird Club, BBYG Bucksbirders Yahoo Group, HBYG Hertsbirding Yahoo Group, BTRYG BirdingTringReservoirs Yahoo Group, TWTW is FoTR's Tring Water Treatment Works site.

And, please note that unless a reported sighting is clearly a mistake, we try to post them without too much delay. Therefore many of these sightings are unchecked. Please bear this in mind when checking sightings above and if appropriate, please send further corroborative records or any other information you may have.

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