March 2016


Any and all wildlife. You can send them by e-mail here. Photographs are very welcome

Thursday 31st March 2016.
Ian Williams - 4 blackcaps in song on Sunday morning – one at Tringford and 3 at Marsworth. 10 chiffchaff also in a 50m stretch with the blackcaps by the overflow.

Francis Buckle - c30 Sand Martins at Wilstone c10.00hrs, 1 Common Tern Marsworth c10.30

Johne Taylor - Wilstone this am. Curlew fly over at about 7 Blackcap in brief song plus 6 new Chiffchaffs ringed  

Tuesday 29th March 2016.
James Heron - I couldn't find any 'exotics' blown here in the storm, but there were lots of Martins and a few Swallows high up in the blue yonder. Chaffinch was in the car park hedge. Young cormorants peeping from their nests. Pair of Herons seemed to be feeding offspring in the nest. 
Chaffinch by James Heron

Cormorants by James Heron

Sand Martin by James Heron

Herons feeding chicks by James Heron

Friday 25th March 2016.
Gary Hinton - Marsworth Today
Greylag by Gary Hinton

Goldfinch by Gary Hinton

Thursday 24th March 2016.
Johne Taylor - 3 swallows  Wilstone am  

Wednesday 23rd March 2016.
James Heron - Wilstone - Not much of interest today, lots of Cormorant nest building activity.
Great Tit by James Heron

Cormorant by James Heron

Cormorant by James Heron

Cormorant by James Heron

Cormorant by James Heron

Cormorants by James Heron

Saturday 19th March 2016.
James Heron - These Black Swans were on Tringford today.
Black Swan (with mute swan) by James Heron

Black Swans on Tringford by James Heron

Black Swan (with mute swan) by James Heron

Thursday 17th March 2016.
Gary Hinton - Today's viewing.
Bullfinch at Wilstone by Gary Hinton

Buzzard over Tringford by Gary Hinton

Fieldfare by Gary Hinton

Startops Sunset by Gary Hinton

Oystercatcher at Marsworth by Gary Hinton

Pied Wagtail at Tringford by Gary Hinton

Pochard at Tringford by Gary Hinton

Red Kite by Gary Hinton

Marsworth's Robin by Gary Hinton

Scaup by Gary Hinton

Wigeon at Startops by Gary Hinton

Yellowhammer at Wilstone by Gary Hinton

Monday 14th March 2016.
Gary Hinton - Some shots of the Little Gulls at Wilstone Res. 14/03/16 15:40

Monday 14th March 2016.
David Hutchinson - Four Little Gulls seen this afternoon at Wilstone in company of BH Gulls with Gary H, Jeff B & Mike C fairly distant from shore. Best seen from top of steps.
Little Gull by David Hutchinson

Tuesday 8th March 2016.
Gary Hinton -
Scaup on Startops by Gary Hinton

Some of the 66 Wigeon at Wilstone by Gary Hinton

Grey Wagtail by the jetty by Gary Hinton

Tufted duck on Startops by Gary Hinton

Wilstone overflow now in full flow, about time too. I don't think I've seen the water so high in recent years with the split seemingly lying underwater with no water going over into the overflow.

Redwing flock in the field behind startop farm with starlings.

Great crested grebe on Marsworth

Great crested grebe on Marsworth by Gary Hinton

Monday 7th March 2016.

Terry Lee -

Canada Goose by Terry Lee

Canada Geese by Terry Lee

Coot Race by Terry Lee

Greylag by Terry Lee

Sunday 6th March 2016.
Johne Taylor - Oystercatcher heard at Wilstone  Tuesday two seen on tern raft Sat. 12 Snipe at Wilstone this am

David Hutchinson - Two Oystercatchers at Wilstone this morning. A pair seen later at College Lake possibly same birds. One Redshank and Shelduck also at College. 
Oystercatchers at Wilstone by Dave Hutchinson. 

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