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Friends of Tring Reservoirs is a local conservation organisation formed in 1993 to promote the conservation of this important Site of Special Scientific Interest. With around 400 Members, FoTR has become a significant voice in the local environment and became a charity organisation in 1999. The objectives of FoTR are:
  • For the public benefit to preserve and conserve the flora, fauna and natural environment of Tring Reservoirs and surrounding areas.
  • The advancement of the education of the public in the flora, fauna, the natural environment and related subjects with particular reference to Tring Reservoirs and the surrounding areas.
How FoTR try to achieve these objectives:
  • FoTR has two places on the Tring Reservoirs Liaison Committee which influences decisions made about the management of the reservoirs. The more members we have, the more influential our voice is.
  • Surveys
  • Conservation work
  • Raise awareness of issues affecting Tring Reservoirs
  • Have a stall at local events to encourage membership and raise awareness
  • Maintain records of flora and fauna in the area, with particular emphasis on birds
  • Organized Walks

Benefits of membership include:
  • a regular newsletter, 'Grebe'
  • Car Sticker
  • Special interest walks
  • Opportunity to contribute to volunteer conservation
  • Opportunity to help with surveys
  • Annual General Meeting with guest speaker or other activity
  • exclusive use of the 'Plover Hide' hide at the Thames Water Water Treatment Works (the old Sewage Farm Lagoon)
Our subscriptions, which include the Grebe newsletter, are £5 for an individual or family living at the same address, or £2 for under 18 year-olds, although you are always welcome to donate more if you wish.

If you would like to join, please go to the Membership page. .
Also available:
Additional Car Sticker £1.00
Bill George
Friends Of Tring Reservoirs
Membership Secretary
69 Lower Icknield Way, 

Herts, HP23 4LW

If you would like more information about membership Bill can be contacted by e-mail.

'Plover Hide' information:

Access to the Hide is through a locked gate, fitted with a combination lock.
The code is available via the Membership Secretary, subject to members first signing Thames Water's access conditions (also available from the Membership Secretary).

FoTR Committee

There are 9 places on the Friends of Tring Reservoirs committee.
Please contact the Membership Secretary if you may be interested in joining us.
These are the present members (in no particular order):

Keith Evans - Editor of our members' newsletter 'Grebe'.

Keith Evans
Contact Keith by post, as above, or by telephone on 01442 822471, or by click here to send him an email

Bill George - Membership Secretary

69 Lower Icknield Way, Marsworth, Tring, Herts, HP23 4LW
Click Here to send Bill an e-mail. 

Johne Taylor - Committee Member

Edmund Booth - Treasurer

Edmund Booth

Anna Le Hair - Committee Member

Anna Le Hair
Click here to send Anna an e-mail. 

Philip Farrer - Committee Member
Philip Farrer
Click here to send Philip an e-mail.

Ann Farrer - Minutes Secretary
Ann Farrer
Click here to send Ann an e-mail. 

Peter Brazier - Chairman and Webmaster.

Peter Brazier
Click here to send Peter an e-mail. 

Call the FoTR Helpline or Keith Evans (details above) for general enquiries or to contact one of the Committee for whom no contact details are given.

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