The incredible benefits of Infra Red Heating

Say goodbye to your radiator forever!

Imagine an efficient electric heating panel discreetly wired onto the ceiling or wall of your room.

At a switch of a button, the room heats in just minutes, giving completely even warmth head-to-toe.

Infra Red heating is not convection heating like radiators, underfloor heating or storage heaters. Instead it does not heat the air directly, just you, your floor, wall, ceiling, the whole room. Perfectly.

The FIR warmth is then absorbed into the fabric of the room and gently warms the air as the thermal mass radiates warmth back. Good insulation is preferred, but Infra red is also the only practical means to heat outdoor areas as the heat warms the body directly.

It really is an exciting technology revolution and it will replace most conventional forms of heating over time.

Cost efficient heating for home
Save Money

Using Infra Red you can heat a room using only a 500W panel instead of a 2000W electric storage heater, for example. Secondly, the nature of FIR (Far Infra Red) means that the warmth is locked into the fabric of the room, so the panel does not need to heat continually. And combined with the latest thermostat controls, you can save by only heating the rooms as and when you need.

Stylish heating for homes
Discreet & Stylish

We recommend FIR is installed discreetly on the ceiling, so no more radiators taking up space. They are slim and you will not notice them silently heating your home. However, they also look and work great on the wall and you can even have your panel printed with your own bespoke design or image. Our customers love the fact that we also remove old radiators giving the home a modern facelift.

Comfort heating for homes
Awesome Comfort

FIR (Far Infra Red) is the most natural heat - it is how the Sun warms us! Our customers have reported that it feels much better than their old convection heating systems, whether it was a "wet" system, vented air or even underfloor heating. The heat is evenly balanced through the room and there are many reports of health benefits due to the reduction in circulating air and the natural feeling of the warmth.

The amazing benefits of Infra Red Heating

  • Most efficient form of electric heating
  • Expected product lifespan of 25 years
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Massive savings compared to oil-fired boilers, air-source heat pumps, electric night storage and underfloor heating systems
  • Easy and low-cost installation
  • Better quality warmth and no cold spots
  • Reduces damp formation
  • No pipes and no radiators
  • Reported health benefits
Installed ceiling mounted Infra Red systems from just £495 per room.
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