Probably the most advanced water heater in the world!

The Amazing Benefits of a Solar Heat Pump

  • A Solar-assisted thermodynamic heat exchange system that works day and night, summer or winter in all weather conditions
  • The luxury of 55ºC hot water available 24 hours of the day with anti-legionnaires functionality built-in
  • 100% hot water 365 days of the year
  • Expected system life of 20 years
  • Immersion back-up for extreme weather conditions
  • A home with four occupants may spend less than £80 a year for their hot water – far less if they have Solar PV as well
  • Only one solar panel required for a family of 6 people
  • Panel can be mounted on a wall or roof
  • Can be fitted to existing hot water tank
  • All-in-one systems with stainless steel cylinders ranging from 200 up to 500 litres – can be combined for commercial installations
  • Fantastic return on investment and complements an existing solar PV system
  • ErP energy efficiency rating of A+
  • Proven in 1000's of installations across the UK and Ireland

Let nature heat your water 365 days a year!

Probably the most advanced water heater in the world.

The Solar Heat Pump System joins two incomplete technologies, the heat pump and the solar thermal collector.

Heat pumps are quite efficient equipment but the heat they produce from their renewable component varies only according to changes in the temperature of the environment. Thermal solar collectors are the best source of heat on hot and sunny days but they are totally inefficient whenever there is no sun.

The Solar Heat Pump Technology (also referred to as Solar-Assisted heat pumps or thermodynamic solar) manages to surpass the limitations of both the heat pump and solar collector technologies.

Through the cooling liquid (R134a or R407c) which covers a closed circuit, the liquid goes into the solar panel and absorbs the action of sun, rain, wind, environment temperature and other climate factors. During this process the liquid gains heat in a more favourable way than a heat pump. After this stage, the heat is transferred to an exchanger with the help of a small compressor, which heats the water. The liquid cools down and the circuit is repeated.

As the fluid has a boiling temperature of approximately -30ºC, the system works even when there is no sun and it even works at night, providing hot water at 55ºC, day and night, hail, rain, wind or shine, unlike the traditional solar thermal system.

The energy consumption of the system is basically the same as a fridge compressor that makes the liquid circulate. A typical system runs on just 390W of power which might be only for an hour or two a day, depending on the climate and hot water demand.

Unlike conventional heat pumps and boilers, there is no need for an annual service or breakdown cover, which could save thousands of pounds over the years. In fact, there is every possibility the system could run for up to twenty years without a hitch.

Finally, there is a built-in immersion rod to provide an occasional boost should outside temperatures remain below freezing or there is heavy demand for hot water and not time for nature to provide.

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Did you know?

The Solar heat pump system is manufactured in Portugal and can be used for central heating and swimming pools. It is the most efficient and eco-friendly system with a coefficient of performance (CoP) as high as 7 (in the summer period). It is an obvious system to replace an electric immersion heater and may complement oil/gas-fired systems to provide the hot water. Commercial clients who have heavy hot water demand could save thousands a year. In fact, even customers who have an air-source or ground-source heat pump might still benefit from this system in certain circumstances.

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