Are Solar batteries a worthwhile investment?

Many of our residential customers happen to have existing Solar PV systems in place.

Our recommendation is to always consider complementing this system with Infra Red heating and especially the Solar Heat Pump system, which can be directly linked to the PV system.

This way, excess electricity generated by your solar PV system can be used directly in the home on products that will give a host of other benefits beyond the financial savings.

However, the recent falls in battery costs does mean that they now pay for themselves over time and can be especially beneficial if you now have our other products in your home – the UK's only complete “off-grid” solution!

So you have Solar Panel PV

Most people invested in Solar PV systems to earn the feed-in-tariff payments. They also expected to save a lot on their electricity bills. However, according to Energy Saving Trust, most households are only using 25% of their solar power.

Why you do not save more...

Whilst your solar PV system may generate up to 4000 kWh electricity per year, the problem with our variable weather means that your domestic power load often exceeds the solar generated power when it is really needed and it is vice versa when you are out at work during the day.

Use it or lose it

Your feed-in-tariff is largely based on total power generated, not what you export to the grid. The export tariff is an assumed 50% of total power generated and is a small part of your payment. PV batteries are now a viable part of your your domestic energy supply.

Affordable battery deals

We have deals starting at just £2495+VAT fully installed for a 2.4kWh lithium-ion battery system including charge control. This system will provide useful life of up to 18 years depending on depth of discharge and cycles. What is more, it is an expandable system meaning you can buy additional batteries for just £950 each! We are confident our prices cannot be beaten and our standard system is around £500 less than most competitors.

Save hundreds of pounds on your electricty bills

The savings for a single 2.4kWh battery depends on how you use it. Careful use will achieve a saving of up to £180 at current electricity prices. If electric prices continue to rise as they have done over the last ten years, you might be saving £300+ each year within 8 years. Furthermore, we are able to offer some customers a grid-share programme that could pay hundreds of pounds a year to provide battery storage capacity to the grid!

Top brands only

Your battery system is a long-term investment which is why we only work with the leading brands like LG, Samsung, SolaX, Tesla and Pylontech. This way you will have quality assurance, long warranties and superior performance. We also have experience consulting on commercial-scale battery systems of up to 1000 kWh equivalent storage for investors seeking to reap the benefits of grid-share programmes.

Fully installed battery systems from £2495 + VAT!
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